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Pipe Freezing

Item 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Week Extra
Pipe Freezing Kit to 60mm (110v) £51.60 £60.20 £68.80 £77.40 £86.00 £17.20 D

Pipe Freezing Kit to 60mm (110v)

Deposit: £150.00
Generally, account holders do not need to pay a deposit, however non-account holders must pay the amount specified

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Deposit Charges
Deposits are required by all persons hiring from tool-time.
Deposits are refundable on termination of the hire period providing the equipment is returned in a clean, undamaged and serviceable condition. Equipment in this hire guide is provided with a deposit band, which is illustrated below, this is in addition to any hire charges.

A = 25.00 deposit - B = 50.00 deposit - C = 100.00 deposit
D = 150.00 deposit - E = 200.00 deposit - F = 500.00 deposit